The Bestseller Code

The web site is fascinating. Through some mysterious algorithm it evaluates about 500 words of your novel and grades it on a scale of one to twenty (1 to 20).Someone took the first page and a half and plugged it into the test. It scored 20.0. A Perfect Score!
The first page and a half from a recent unsolicited novel and plugged it into the test showed only scored 4.6…out of 20.The comparison of a bestselling author to an unschooled first-timer was an astounding (20.0 vs. 4.6).Go to the site and get your score.A computer cannot tell if yours is a good story or not. It can only compare word choices and number of syllables. It has no sense of style or storytelling ability. This is simply a fun way to look at the structure and craft of your writing.

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