The first great invention in publishing was the Gutenberg Press around 1440. The second greatest publishing invention was the Kindle process, coupled with the POD (print-on-demand).

There are multiple free ways you can improve your sales rankings and at the same time help popularise the Kindle concept so that the number of world-wide Kindle participants double thereby doubling your potential buyers.
You can use the material on this page to dramatically improve your own sales by cutting and pasting parts (or all) of it to your potential customer emails or website or by simply directing them to this URL via your social networking page. How you use this information is entirely over to you. Feel free to cut, copy and paste any way you wish.

Not too long ago small time authors needed to outlay $5000-$10,000 to a local publisher to get a limited print run of their hard-copy books.....without any guarantee of distribution or promotion. Along came Kindle and the POD instant print process. Result....the authors could present their books for free on Kindle and for a very small fee on POD. Better still distribution was guaranteed.
All that was left for the author to organise was promotion. What you are about to read will solve that problem.
The most important thing to start with is this........ is your book acceptable to the average reader?
Send email copies to a group of friends. Ask for their criticism and observe their feedback carefully. They might suggest improvements. I have 8 books up on Amazon. Each and every one of them was sent to a group of friends to proof-read first. Their suggestions turned the books into reasonably good sellers. If you have already published on Kindle you can still do the same...... and re-publish the altered book.
The problem with authoring a book is that the author becomes too close to the content and can’t see the forest for the trees! You need a fresh set of eyes to look at it objectively.
If you are a newbie author it would definitely pay to search the web for writers critique groups. These are groups who will read your early manuscript (and you read theirs) and offer suggestions to improve your work. This can be quite vital as they look at your work with fresh eyes. Pay serious attention to this concept, particularly if you are writing your first novel. In fact I would consider this an absolute necessity for beginners. They will help you clean up your book and make it more acceptable to the buyer.

VITALLY IMPORTANT - make sure you run your book (including the product description) through a word spell. Nothing is worse than a batch of spelling errors or grammatical errors. This sort of thing makes your work look amateurish.
You can also run the manuscript through a text-to-speech program and sit back and listen to it. Glaring errors will stand out when the voice starts stuttering!!!!

Below are the simple processes to jumstart your rankings :

Advise all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc that your book is available. Feature it on your website and add it to Google free submissions.
Google free submissions -

Put excerpts from your book on your website and offer other interesting free material. Contact book reviewers and see if they are interested in reviewing your book. Keep plugging away like this to develop a profile.

Arrange with a Kindle author friend to buy your book and you buy theirs. Then you can both do a review and give each other stars. Check with KDP to see how this is done. These star reviews will make your book more acceptable to outside buyers. Once my own books were reviewed (by independent professional reviewers) and given stars my sales increased dramatically. However if you organise too many of these “friendly” reviews but your book is still at a #300,000 ranking (basically not selling) then buyers will become suspicious and not purchase your book.

Check the web out for free book review sites. Submit a doc version (or PDF) to the site for free review. Don’t pay for these....only apply to free sites. If a number of these sites review your books you might kick sales off.

If you have two or more kindle books reference them to each other. That is, somewhere in either your first book or on its promo pages
mention your second book. I have my three main books referenced to each other wherever I can. This sparks a buyer’s interest and they
may end up buying one of my other books which is of more immediate interest to them. Also if you have several books mentioned it tends to give the buyer more confidence as they assume you are a successful author.

Get hold of the Kindle book - How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! by John Locke. That has some useful ideas in it.

Contact Internet radio stations and persuade them to do an interview with you about your books. They are always searching for filler material.

There are tons of FREE news media advertising websites out there. Google up “Free Ads” and place your web ads complete with a pic of your book at no cost whatsoever. I found about 30 of these sites covering all western countries. Some ads run for a week while others run for months. My sales picked up while these ads were running however it is a fairly time-consuming exercise.

You can also use UTube for book promos of your own.Your sales will jump!

It’s most important that you add tag words to your Amazon book page so that people searching for specific book categories can possibly
find your book quicker. You can add up to 15 TAGS (words describing your book concepts) as shown below. The example below is the way I’ve tagged my new book – THE FREEDOM BOOK. For convenience you can press SHIFT and “T” (twice rapidly) which will open
a much larger TAG window. This is easier to work with. You’ll find this TAG section near the bottom of your webpage.

After uploading advise your Facebook friends and my email list. If they resist to the Kindle idea tell them how to download Kindle viewer for PC. For those who want a printed version suggest them the right free Kindle-print converter.Hold newbies by the hand. Make life easy for them. A lot of these potential buyers are oldies or low-techs. They need to develop confidence.

You DO NOT need to own an expensive Kindle Machine to read it.
You can download the FREE Kindle Reader for PC or Mac from –
PC -
Mac -

After you have downloaded and installed the file in your computer then you are ready to buy your first Kindle book.
When you order it the following window will appear. Make sure you click on it so that you can direct the download to your
Kindle for PC. Otherwise you will go round in circles trying to register an imaginary Kindle machine!

This means you can immediately read the book on your computer in large easy-to-read print.

Then if you wish you can print it out by pressing the PRINT SCREEN (prt.scr) on your keyboard (sometimes you have to
press the “fn” button on bottom left keyboard at the same time). You can then paste each page into MSWord or MS Paint
(or equivalents) and print out normally. This saves the 1-2 week delay in receiving the book and saves you $10-$20 in
handling charges.
The alternative is to use the free software program at -

This is only a 1mB file and automatically converts your Kindle book to PDF (Acrobat) which can easily be printed.

One important point about this simple program – download your Kindle book BEFORE opening the Kindle PC converter.
Then go to the FIRST page of the downloaded book. THEN open the Kindle PC Converter. It will automatically open the first
page then process all others in sequence. This may take a little while and the cursor on your desktop tends to jump all over the
screen while this is happening. Shortly the PDF file will suddenly appear then you can print out normally.

If you want to convert your kindle book to print version use Amazon CREATE SPACE who for a very cheap fee set your paperback up for the Print-on-Demand technology. This machine will print off copies of your book in 2-3 minutes ready for despatch. If you want to see a video of this POD process go to

PRINT SALES (printed book format) Most of the ideas above are designed to help ebook sales. Printed books are another story.
If you order a batch of print books off Amazon (as the author you get a steep discount) you can then use them for promotional and distribution purposes around your immediate locality. You can run book-signing events and personally hand a copy to the local media book reviewer. You can run small ads in the local papers explaining that your book can be obtained from the local bookshops, etc. As the book starts to sell locally you can expand to areas outside your immediate vicinity. There are plenty of successful books which evolved this way into national distribution. Once your book picks up sales locally you can then approach national book distributers who may be interested in listing and stocking the book for their chains of bookshops. There are unlimited ideas you can use for promoting a print book!
One thing you can do is Google up - press release for a book. This will give you an idea of not only how to prepare press releases but also actually place them free of charge. You might also find sites that accept press releases for Kindle books.

GENERATING FEEDBACK - In your books (paperback and Kindle) put your 2 email address on the final page with the following message - If you want free updates email me at one of the addresses below with "FREE UPDATES" in the message line.
Quite a few of them respond this way and your books will get a kick-start with a fairly reasonable start-up ranking. These readers who are interested enough to respond to your offer are usually impressed with your book and will become ongoing customers.

If you have two or more titles on Kindle, Amazon have this neat trick of recommending other books bought by the same customer.....often your second book.
This creates multiple book sales due to Amazon’s “customers who bought this also bought etc”.

Amazons secret philosophy seems to be – “we'll do whatever it takes to help our authors sell their books!”

Explain to your potential buyers that when they go into a bookshop to buy a hardcopy they can really only go by what is on the covers. It is impractical to stand there and read the first few chapters. Result – you often buy a book that is no use to you. With the Kindle books you can preview them first then get instant access which saves handling charges and often weeks for delivery. Sell them on the idea!!
Also explain when they buy a hardcopy from Amazon the book is almost always in stock due to their POD process.
Most people have at least heard of Amazon but there are still those who are reluctant to join. Point out how easy this is and with 1-click
ordering they can re-order very simply. Help them to overcome their resistance and join the wave of the future!

A lot of your potential buyers will be dead nervous of either computers or the ebook concept but in time they will come round.
Help the process because it will help you!!

Good Luck!
By James F. Coyle

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