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Having done extensive research on E-publishing successes,the following are some valuable pointers to follow if you want to be as successful in this E-Publishing World - Selling and Making profit!!!

1. Understanding Traditional Publishing and POD/Kindle :

You write a book and rewrite and revise it several times till you think it is perfect and ready for publish.Then you send it to various literary agents whose primary job is to place your book in front of the editors at the publishing houses.Many agents simply toss it into a trash bin without a look at it and very rarely send it back ( at your expense ).If you get lucky the agent floats your book in front of the various publishing houses.However,most of the readers/editors at these houses dont give it a second glance as there is always too many competitions out there.Plus,these editors give preference mostly to the already established names.By any chance if your book does get bought you may or may not see a cheque straight away,with your agent taking a percentage of it.
However you'll still be asked to rewrite it several times before finally it goes for print.And after printing,the publishing houses will give the book to their sales representatives to distribute in various bookstores to sell.However,the publishing house will not do any promotion or marketing for you.They generally ignore small time authors and promotes only the 'big names' in the industry.Hence,if you want it to sell you will have to contact the bookstores,set up a book signing,contact reviewers and seek out interviews to promote your book.So essentially you are doing all your writing,selling as well as promoting.In the end you'll get only a small percentage of the cover price,with your agent cutting a commission from it.
In short you research,you write,you contact agent,you rewrite it again and you promote it as well but it is the publishing house,your agent and bookstores that make the most out of your hard work.However,with POD - print on demand technologies things are fast changing.You donot have to rely on a literary agent or a publishing house anymore.You can do it yourself ie. self-publish as and when you want.POD is easy and cheap.You can publish your work yourself and keep the profits too.You print only when you have an order instead of printing thousand copies in advance with additional storage space required to store the unsold copies.Thus POD saves you a lot of money.And now with the arrival of Kindle,ebook publishing is of no cost to the publisher/author at all.

2. Make a Concept :

Try not to sell just a single piece of writing but instead make a concept on a subject and explore ways to make it grow in various ways.Those ways can be articles,booklets,
ebooks,books on tapes/CDs,seminars,special reports.You can sell,re-package and sell it again to the same buyers or a new audience.Re-package it again and sell it all over again.Columns or Blog posts on a particular subject can be compiled into a book.From a book it can be converted into a seminar subject.A shorter abreviated version of the same can be published in another website.
Also allow newspaper or magazines to publish excerpts of it with a byline and reference to your website which will in turn drive more traffic and sales.Hence,a single article/column can be reused,reformatted several times into various formats instead of having to create something new all the time.
Other products like Booklets or Guides on various subjects within that same category can be sold in related websites,shows,exhibitions,rallies and vendor booths etc.Inside cover of these booklets can be used to list all your books and other products that you have for sale.Content of the booklet or guides can also be use as a column format in the website with a pitch to purchase the booklet.These booklets/guides can also be converted into a CD and sold at retail.Thus instead of comming up with new products,a single set of original product can be used over and over again which can give the best return.You write it just once but sell it several times in different formats.
As a writer,the words that you write or produce are your product.Treat it as a business with the sole aim to sell your products,only then you will succeed.If one project or idea is not making a profit for you,try and find another one that will.But dont give up.Your aim should be to try and maximise the financial return for all your time,money and energy that you have invested in your work.Also the products that you sell should be able to promote the sale of your other products as well.

3. Make your Blog earn for you :

Blog is a very useful tool to promote your products on it and it can generate sales.It is the newest and most easiest way to make money for you.Write a regular blog on a subject of your interest and gather a following.If your writing is interesting your followers would spread the word.Now blogs have one more income opportunity and that its to use Google Adsense on it.Using google adsense is really the most sensible thing to do if you are a regular blogger because google adsense does put money into a publisher's pocket.Google however donot encourage the publishers to reveal how much they earn through the program,but if used wisely you can earn a decent income.So use google adsense on your blog.All you have to do is add the small 'html code' into your pages.
When a reader clicks on the ads that the google bots insert in your ad-blocks,the publisher/you recieve a small commission.The more pages and content you add to your website/blog,more the commission would go up.Different ad-links produce different commissions.However donot self-click ( also known as fraud clicks ) or make your friends click on the ads.This would result in you losing all your commission that you earned by google suspending your account altogether.So,do it the right way and watch your earnings grow.

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