How not to promote your e-book

1. Authors should avoid responding to reviews (no matter how unfair) in a negative manner. This can create real hostility among prospective readers and deter them from reading your book.Don't do it on other social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter etc as well
Remember that the buck stops with yourself. Pick a time and place to read reviews, certainly not after a night out or when in a mood!. And read, don't stab the keyboard up getting revenge!

2. Donot spam in emails about your books

3. Research any reviewers you may solicit and be selective on who gets the book for free.You have to find people who are actually interested or looking for content.You might get people who ask just because they want a free book.

4. go easy on the book and remember to promote yourself as well. No-one wants to read an endless stream of babble about buy my book, buy my book, your potential readers will just get fed up of hearing the same thing over and over again. If you've got a bit of a personality, and people find you interesting, I find they're far more likely to look what you've written. Never let them forget you've written a book, but don't beat them over the head with it. This applies for twitter, facebook, blogging, etc etc

5. Don't send out a review copy to a reviewer and then ask them to ignore typos and "read for content." I've seen that done.

6. Don't drive-by forums. If you're going to try to promote in a forum, post there more than once. Engage the people on there. Promote through your bio and sig not by "book" posts.

7. Don't use misleading titles/links on posts or blogs or the people that open them will be miffed.

8. Don't message specific people on Twitter with an ad for your book.Messages ought to be conversation.

9. Don't go on and individuals FB page and post an ad on their wall.

10. Don't add people to a facebook group without asking their permission.

11. Try not to post anything negative anywhere, The old saying "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it at all." is my golden rule.

12. Throwing your book on people's heads as they walk by and insisting they purchase it is not a successful marketing tactic.

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